Updated: Aug 10, 2021

The time has come.... Fall is here. Well, for some people. I am the kind of person who waits until after Labor Day to celebrate all things fall but I've seen a bunch of people already pulling out there fall decor & drinking their pumpkin spice lattes. To be honest, I am kind of jealous of those that are getting the cooler weather... NEWSFLASH: It's still HOT HOT HOT in Florida. Even though I still have a few more weeks until I break out all things pumpkin, I thought I'd put together a fall capsule wardrobe for the season.

I love the idea of capsule wardrobes. I like that many of these pieces can be paired together multiple ways to create a variety of outfits. One thing I will note is I normally buy colorful clothing, aka half of my closet is pink, but I tend to buy more neutral color clothing when the season changes. We love a monochromatic moment.

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  1. Black & Cream Knit Sweater

  2. Responsible Wool Crew Neck Sweater

  3. Turtleneck Sweater

  4. Cozy Oversized Sweater

  5. Fine Knit Short Sleeve Sweater

  6. Wool Fedora

  7. Jewel Embellished Combat Booties

  8. Pointed Toe Booties

  9. Chain Pointed Toe Mule

  10. Black Loafer

  11. Multi-Strand Necklace

  12. Tortoise Sunglasses

  13. Pearl Button Stud Earrings

  14. Vintage Gold Hoop Earrings

I'm excited to share with you these fall staples & I can't wait to show you more as the seasons change. Don't miss out! Sign up for my exclusive emails where I share my top picks throughout the entire season.


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