Dining in New Orleans | Brennan's

If I could only tell you one restaurant to eat at while in New Orleans, it would be Brennan's. We were so lucky to be able to score a reservation for dinner. This charming pink building located in the French Quarter offers an elegant atmosphere for those craving a fancier meal. The dining experience is not like most you'll find in New Orleans, including the dress code they have set in place for guests.

Every item/dish that we ordered was absolutely amazing. The menu changes seasonally, so go enjoy these dishes as soon as you can. We started with drinks, I ordered the Sparkling Watermelon which was just as refreshing as it sounds. Heath ordered the Paper Plane.

For our main course, we really couldn't decide because everything sounded incredible. Somehow, we both ordered fish which is so not like us. I ordered the Poached Striped Bass and he ordered the Trout Amandine, both were simply divine.

Now, we couldn't pass up ordering the "World Famous Banana Foster" for dessert. This was so cool as they prepare this dish table side, flame and all. Nearly everyone in the restaurant ordered this dessert. It definitely lived up to it's name as I've never had banana foster that tasted this good.

Like I mentioned before, if there was one restaurant I'd highly recommend making reservations for, it'd be this one. You can read more about Brennan's and see the full menu here.

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